Here are examples of activities we do throughout the year.

Field Trips:

  • 1-2 per month and typically on Fridays. We try to make them on the first Friday but sometimes that does not work out with scheduling.

Camping and Mass:

  • Fall and Spring camping is usually at nearby Lake Lanier. Bring your own camping supplies (Tent, RV or rental) or join us for our Vigil Mass followed by a potluck.

Spiritual celebrations 

  • Mary’s Birthday picnic with a cupcake rosary
  • All Saints Party where adults and kids dress up as their favorite saint and play saint inspired carnival games.
  • Pentecost party
  • Corporal works of mercy – we try to have at least 1-2 events per semester. (2-4 per year)
  • May Crowning at the end of May after Friday morning mass.

Family Fun Events (Donations may be asked at some of the larger events)

  • Ice cream social
  • Father Daughter dance (additional fee – $25 per family)
  • Father Son event
  • Mother Son event (may have an additional fee)
  • Mother Daughter Tea
  • Fall and Spring family camping (families pay for their own site reservation)
  • Family fun night
  • Family dance night with an instructor (may have an additional fee)
  • Talent show
  • Park Days twice a month
  • Teen group

Plus moms meet regularly for a moms night out or morning out. We sometimes meet for dinner/coffee or at someone’s house and learn something. In the past we have learned how to make soap, fermented foods/drinks, lotion bars, knitting, nutrition, homeschool tips, etc.

Field Trips

Father-Daughter Dance