The Holy Family TORCH of North Atlanta is a traditional, Catholic home school support group.  The mission of our group is to provide a place for families to come together in a safe, wholesome environment.  Here they can be with other families who are working to educate and form their children in their Catholic faith and academics.  The TORCH group helps members that are striving to form the domestic church in their families by living their Catholic faith daily, working on virtues, and trying to be the light of Christ to others in their families, their parishes, and their community.

As such, the TORCH Leadership Committee has established the following rules and guidelines for membership:


  • Family members should respect and not damage the property of TORCH sponsored venues.
  • Family members should stay only in the designated areas reserved for the TORCH events.
  • Family members should not possess or use any kind of weapon at TORCH sponsored veues.
  • Family members should not use tobacco products or any controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol on church property.
  • Family members should respect all other TORCH members, parents and children by not using rude, abrasive or profane language; no pushing, hitting or shoving any other person; and no lying, cheating, stealing, or gossiping.


  • Family members and guests should be dressed modestly and well groomed.
  • All skirts should be at knee length
  • All shorts should be on the longer side
  • No low cut, midriff or cropped-top style tops are to be worn. 
  • The midriff should never be exposed
  • All pants should be comfortable fitting, not too tight or too loose.
  • No clothing should promote the use of alcohol or other drugs or anything that might not be in line with Christian values
  • Shoes need to be worn when appropriate
  • One piece bathing suits will be worn at TORCH swimming and related outdoor events 

Failure to comply with the above rules and guidelines may result in immediate consultation with a TORCH leadership committee member.  Continued failure to comply with guidelines after consultation may result in termination of membership at the discretion of the TORCH leadership.