Holy Family TORCH, Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes, a homeschool support group that is not affiliated with the school will be holding its annual Kick-off and Information night Saturday, AUGUST 10, 2019 at 5pm. Come learn what Holy Family TORCH has planned for the coming year, meet with friends, and register.  

Registration for the 2019-2020 year opens at Kick-off. Annual dues are $50 if paid by 1st Friday of Septemer, 2019. Afterwards they increase to $60. In addition, each family helps coordinate 2 activities per year.

For more information about TORCH contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.holyfamilytorch.com. This event is open to potential and existing members. Come learn more!

TORCH members meet throughout the month/year for field trips, spiritual celebrations, academic functions, family fun events, corporal works of mercy, and weekly co-op/drama. Please note attendance is optional at any event and all events are family oriented. All events are included in the annual membership fee, except where noted. Events are primarily held at North metro Atlanta parishes.

Further, each family is required to help plan/organize 2 events each year. 

Here are the events that fall under each category:

Field Trips: 1-2 per month and typically on Fridays. We try to make them on the first Friday but sometimes that does not work out with scheduling. 

Spiritual celebrations (weekend events)

  • Mary's Birthday picnic with a cupcake rosary
  • All Saints Party where adults and kids dress up as their favorite saint and play saint inspired carnival games.
  • Pentecost party
  • Corporal works of mercy - we try to have at least 1-2 events per semester. (2-4 per year)
  • May Crowning at the end of May after Friday morning mass.


Family Fun Events (weekend events) Donations may be asked at some of the larger events.

  • Ice cream social
  • Father Daughter dance (additional fee - $25 per family)
  • Father Son event
  • Mother Son event (may have an additional fee)
  • Mother Daughter Tea
  • Fall and Spring family camping (families pay for their own site reservation)
  • Family fun night
  • Family dance night with an instructor (may have an additional fee)
  • Talent show
  • Park Days twice a month
  • Teen group

Plus moms meet regularly for a moms night out or morning out. We sometimes meet for dinner/coffee or at someone’s house and learn something. In the past we have learned how to make soap, fermented foods/drinks, lotion bars, knitting, nutrition, homeschool tips, etc.